33,000 colleagues who matter

Together, with more than 33,000 people, we work every day on our mission: Collectively create sustainable added value through value-driven professionalism in retail. We set things in motion, making the most of each employee’s expertise and ambition in teams that complement and reinforce each other.

Building the future together

At Colruyt Group, we really want to make a difference for our staff, customers and partners. As a large, sustainable retailer, we are proud of what we achieve today and always look for new talent, opportunities and partnerships. Starting with the customer's needs and focused on the future.

Always able to be yourself

Collaboration comes naturally to us. Even with some 33,000 colleagues. So many people and yet at Colruyt Group you find yourself in a close-knit team. We provide a spot for you where you can be 100% yourself, and feel safe and at home. Everyone is different, and we cherish and foster that. We are committed to an inclusive work environment, while paying attention to a healthy work-life balance.

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Developing our talent

A sustainable career is one of Colruyt Group's spearheads. You have every opportunity to demonstrate your talent within over 1,500 different roles and dozens of different business operations. Ready for a new challenge? That’s always possible!

When our people grow, we also grow and innovate as an organisation. That is why we develop pertinent training and learning paths for – and together with – our staff. Training may be external or at our internal training centre. We have a wide variety of training courses for professional and personal growth paths, leadership and more.

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Sustainable innovation

Colruyt Group has been pioneering the sustainable enterprise concept for years. The outcome? As Belgium's largest private company, we launch numerous sustainable projects, strongly foster innovation and engage in groundbreaking collaborations. These include the first commercial sea farm off the Belgian coast, self-built water treatment plants and our eco-friendly liquid ice containers.

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Are you a recent graduate or already armed with lots of experience? We always have room for talent like you at Colruyt Group, as a solid and growing company. Interested in a job as a store assistant, IT or data specialist, engineer, technician, marketer, operator, HR specialist, delivery or warehouse worker? Whatever your background, every employee helps make a difference at Colruyt Group.

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