Sustainable entrepreneurship

Our mission is: ‘Together, we create sustainable added value through value-driven craftsmanship in retail’, and that is not an empty slogan. In everything we do, we want to generate an effective positive impact. This is how we make the difference, also for future generations.

Our view on sustainable entrepreneurship

Sustainability is a recurrent theme throughout our activities. Every day, we endeavour to make a meaningful difference together, for people and the planet.

17 Sustainable Development Goals

Our sustainability initiatives actively contribute to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Our 12 sites

Our sustainability policy focuses on 12 themes. For each one, we believe we can make a concrete impact, along the entire value chain.

Annual report with sustainability report

Every year we report on the ecological and social added value our group creates. We do that based on the SDGs. Our annual report provides a good picture of where we stand now. Because corporate sustainability is never finished.

Read our annual report