Healthier living is something we do together

We consider it our social role to promote a healthy lifestyle among our customers and workers. We want to help them make more conscious choices easily. Physically, mentally and socially. 

What exactly we understand under health is explained in our definitions.

How does Colruyt Group contribute to good health?

1 Customised healthy range

We want to give our consumers easy access to a suitable, healthy and natural range of products, but also services such as training programmes and digital tools.

  • Suitable means ‘customised’. We believe in a personalised range, aligned as much as possible to an individual's unique needs and requirements.
  • Healthy in physical, mental and social terms.

2 Guiding consumers and workers

Guiding customers and workers towards a healthier lifestyle by correctly informing, inspiring and giving insights, in an accessible and transparent manner, and based on scientific research. We give them the tools to make conscious choices themselves and to adopt sustainable, healthy habits. To do this, we build on our complementarity with the healthcare sector.

3 Healthy and safe environment

We also want to create a safe and healthy living environment, free from unhealthy or dangerous goods and environmental factors. And through different initiatives we are constantly working on a safe and healthy work environment for our workers to make sure they feel at ease.

Our objectives and initiatives

We have not set any goals yet for ‘Customised healthy range’.

Initiatives about 'Customised healthy range'

We have not yet set any goals for ‘Guiding consumers and workers’.