Healthier living is something we do together

We consider it our social role to promote a healthy lifestyle among our customers and workers. We want to help them make more conscious choices easily. Physically, mentally and socially. 

What exactly we understand under health is explained in our definitions.

How does Colruyt Group contribute to good health?

1 A healthy offer

Together with our suppliers and our own production departments, we are constantly improving the composition and nutritional value of our private label products. We are also committed to offering more healthier alternatives in our stores. Just think of balanced meat substitutes or healthier snacks.

Through the online pharmacy Newpharma and in our Colruyt stores we also make parapharmaceutical products more easily available. From sports foods and throat lozenges to vitamins and wellness products. Because these too can contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Varied food products for a balanced lifestyle

2 Supporting a healthy lifestyle

Not just nutrition, but also exercise, sleep, mental well-being and relationships with others and with nature have an important impact on our health.

  • By participating in 'Hello Health', a digital programme by SmartWithFood for companies and their staff, we want to make healthier living achievable for everyone. Certified (nutrition) coaches, specialists and teachers offer personal guidance on how to deal with food, exercise, sleep and mental well-being in a more conscious and balanced way.
  • Our group is fully committed to providing an extensive range of training courses aimed at the personal growth of our employees. In the future, we want to continue to invest in this and pay even more attention to mental well-being. We also want to offer the courses to other companies.
  • We believe in the health benefits of exercise and want to capitalise on that with the qualitative sports courses offered by JIMS.

3 Knowledge sharing

To promote a healthier lifestyle, knowledge is essential. As a retailer with enormous reach, we therefore want to make health information more accessible to everyone. For the general public we provide a varied range of workshops, lectures and webinars on health topics via Colruyt Group Academy. In addition, we inform our customers about health with a view to raising their awareness and encourage conscious choices. Our communication about this will invariably be accompanied by the ‘Step by Step’ health icon. 

‘Step by step’ health icon

Our objectives and initiatives

Initiatives about 'Customised healthy range'