Eat more plant-based food: go for 'fifty-fifty’

Eating more plant-based, it’s the smart thing to do. A meal without meat or fish is not only better for your health, but also for your environment and the climate. Besides, plant-based food is now tastier and easier to prepare than ever. The fifty-fifty guideline will get you started.

Updated on 25/10/2023

What does a plant-based diet mean?

A healthy plant-based meal consists of vegetables, fruit, whole grains, potatoes, legumes, nuts, seeds and vegetable oils.

Half of Belgians no longer eat meat or fish every day.

What are the benefits of eating plant-based food every now and then?

Almost all of us like a piece of meat, fish or cheese and a glass of milk. However, an increasing number of Belgians say that they want to eat less meat and fish in the future. A smart idea, because varying with plant-based meals is good: for your health and for the climate.

Plant-based food is healthier

  • Too much is never good. This also goes for eating too much meat, fish and dairy.
  • Varying with plant-based foods lowers your risk of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and colon cancer.
  • Also moderate how much red meat and processed meat you eat.
Too much of a good thing, is still too much.

Plant-based food is better for the climate

  • Food production accounts for about a quarter of the world's greenhouse gas emissions. Meat, fish and dairy have a large share in this.
  • Eating plant-based food more often means not only less greenhouse gas emissions but also less water consumption, less land use, less pollution and less deforestation.
  • Did you know that plant-based products often have a better Eco-score?

Go for 'fifty-fifty'

A nice piece of meat is okay, but preferably not every day.

Eating plant-based does not mean 'all or nothing'. Every little bit helps. Try going for 'fifty-fifty' and choosing plant-based meals half of the week. Monday schnitzel, Tuesday a buddha bowl. Or vegetable soup in the afternoon, spaghetti with minced meat in the evening. You choose what works for you!

By the way, choosing plant-based is becoming tastier and easier. You can start today by replacing one ingredient, product or meal. Enjoy!

Eating more plant-based: 5 tips to help you get started

1. Easy plant-based recipes

No lack of inspiration with the tasty and easy recipes from Bio-Planet, Colruyt Lowest Prices, Okay, Spar and Cru.

2. Attend a cooking workshop

Did you know that a lot of Colruyt Group Academy's cooking workshops focus on plant-based cooking? Discover all workshops here.

3. Plant-based alternatives

In Colruyt Group stores, you will find a total of more than 520 fresh plant-based meat, fish and dairy substitutes. Some of these are specially designed to mimic the taste and texture of the animal version.

4. Create a weekly menu

Plan your week with three to four plant-based dishes. Put all the ingredients on a shopping list in your Xtra app. In that way, you will always have it to hand.

5. Boni, affordable plant-based products

Our private label Boni offers top quality at low prices. The Boni Veggie range includes sandwich fillings, burgers, prepared meals ...

Greendeal eiwitshift
Green Deal ‘Eiwitshift op ons bord’

Colruyt Group commits to the Flemish government's Green Deal 'Protein shift on our plate' by making accessible information and a broad, innovative range of plant-based alternatives available to consumers. In this way, together we contribute to a better health and a better environment, step by step.

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