Learning and developing together, for everyone

We are convinced that people love to go in search of their full potential. That is why we try to promote learning and development opportunities and make them easily accessible in everything we do. This is how we remain agile and grow as people, as a company and as a society.

You can read exactly what we mean by ‘learning and developing’ in our definitions.

How does Colruyt Group look at learning and development?

We want to be a consciously development-oriented company and strive for equal access to learning and development. For this we use the following levers:

  • Create a safe and challenging learning environment.
  • Continuous learning and development: every activity offers learning and development opportunities.
  • Co-creation and partnership: because we grow together.

1 Training and learning opportunities for employees

When our people grow, our company grows. That is why we set up appropriate training and learning programmes for (and with) our staff. They match both the desired competences for a particular job and the personal talents, motivation and development goals of the workers.

2 Inspirational learning for the general public

Young and old are welcome at the Colruyt Group Academy for a varied range of workshops, lectures and webinars on current topics. Our centres are spread across Belgium and are firmly rooted locally, for example through cooperation with local associations.

3 Quality education for young people

Young people in socially vulnerable situations often do not have equal access to knowledge and education. Through the Collibri Foundation, every year we invest in the education and training of young people at home and abroad, from primary to university education.

We also welcome many young people and students in our company in dual learning programmes (alternating learning at school and on the shop floor), internships or practical on site lessons. We also engage with them in numerous workshops, tours and guest lectures. 

4 Co-creation with partners

Based on our belief in co-creation and cross-fertilisation, we work closely with suppliers, producers, knowledge institutions, other companies and governments. We want to learn from each other and find solutions to global challenges together.

Our objectives and initiatives

We have not yet set any targets for 'Continuous learning and development'.

Initiatives about 'Continuous learning and development'