Continuous learning and development

Continuous learning and self-development is a second nature for our employees. In everything we do, we try to integrate learning and development opportunities and stimulate self-improvement. 

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Updated on 26/07/2023

Growing as a person and as a professional

The importance of learning and development is firmly embedded in our company. We believe that if our employees grow, the company grows with them. We always start out with a positive attitude towards humankind: we believe that humans are naturally inclined to discover and develop their full potential. We offer employees an extensive range of job-specific training programmes to learn new skills or acquire new knowledge. But also lots of training courses which are an invitation to grow as a human being. 

Young graduates

We especially stimulate people to acquire a growth-oriented mindset, the conviction that you can learn, anytime, anywhere, in every situation. This attitude also makes us a highly resilient and agile organisation, ready to cope with the challenges of a quickly changing world. 

Technical School

Professional training

From sales to IT to engineering: within our group we have dozens of professional fields and hundreds of specialisms. For (and with) our employees, we develop adequate training and learning pathways in a stimulating and challenging learning environment. These include pathways tailored to (store) mangers and traineeships for starters. For students we also have a two-year ‘dual learning’ (apprenticeship) educational path in domains such as butchery, retail, technique and logistics. Additionally, we have our own Technical School and we have set up our own Marketing Academy. 

Training offer Colruyt Group Academy

Colruyt Group Academy, Colruyt Group’s internal training centre, offers more than 2,000 different courses every year. Every year we invest a big amount of the payroll volume in training and education for our employees. The Academy keeps its finger on the pulse with an up to date and relevant training offer far beyond technical skills training. Our employees attend courses according to their personal learning and development goals. They match the desired competencies for a particular job, as well as their own talents, motivation and wishes. 

2.61 %

of our payroll volume invested in employee education and training in the financial year 2022/23

The Academy also offers many personal growth courses, something Colruyt Group has strongly believed and invested in for decades. We are a people-oriented company where everyone gets the opportunity to develop professionally and personally. This contributes to personal well-being. Personal growth is increasing the awareness of who we are, where we come from and what our personal mission is. Colruyt Group Academy also organises many team-oriented training courses that focus on cooperation. 


participants in personal growth training courses in the financial year 2022/23

Personal development plan for employees

New employees receive a training plan, but also employees who have been employed for some time can take control of their training and development with a personal development plan. This plan is the result of an annual meeting with the manager. Based on this meeting, the employee lays down which competencies they are going to work on the following year, via learning and development objectives and actions. This is achieved partly through formal training, but also by hands-on experience. A personal development plan allows employees to grow further in their current role, to grow towards a future role or to grow personally.

Virtual reality

New learning solutions

We are experimenting a great deal with new digital forms of learning: traditional learning resources such as training, e-learning or coaching are being supplemented with digital tools such as mobile applications or virtual tours. The basis of everything is place- and time-independent learning: learning what you need, where and when you need it. This makes it possible to learn much faster, without having to move. 

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