Our mission & values

Colruyt Group wants to make a positive difference in everything it does. Our group mission and the values we consider important are the crucial guiding principles for this. They indicate what we stand for and are decisive for what we achieve. 

Our idea of people and the world

Everything Colruyt Group does is based on a positive idea of people and the world. We believe in the manufacturability of life and people's creative force to see opportunities, to be entrepreneurs and to create the world in which we want to live. For ourselves and the generations that come after us.

Our group mission

Our group mission tells us what we are all about. It gives direction to people's creative power and allows their natural energy to flow optimally. 

Together, we create sustainable added value through value-driven craftsmanship in retail.

Our 9 values

Our 9 values are the foundation of our company and indicate what we find important as a company. They grew historically and are decisive for who we are. The values acts as a source of inspiration. Our values only exist to the extent that we also apply them in our every day work. To this end a corresponding point of attention was defined for every value. To the extent that we pay attention to them, we live our values.

1. Readiness to serve

We are committed to helping our customers and colleagues and focus on quality every day again.

2. Simplicity

We aspire to reducing things to the essence to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

3. Respect

Respect for every individual is the foundation of everything. Every person is equal, regardless of differences in appearance, culture, skills, interests, etc. Everyone is given the opportunity to use their craftsmanship and fully develop.

4. Togetherness

Together we can achieve more than alone. This realisation is the basis to work as a team.

5. Faith

We believe in the capacity and the intention of every worker to make a positive contribution and thus give them trust and self-confidence.

6. Hope

We give our all in everything we do, based on the conviction that our goal is meaningful. Hope invites us to invest the required resources and time, but also to let go at a certain point and to be open to the results that follow.

7. Space

We take a step back and take out time to stand still and observe with an open mind, thus stimulating our awareness.

8. Courage

It takes courage to be an entrepreneur, to remain agile and to always question things. To seize opportunities and to continue with new initiatives. Even when things are going against us.

9. Strength

We are convinced that people are strongest when they can develop themselves and find joy in their work.

Actively applying our values in our every day work reflects positively on our customers. They are our raison d'être. They sense our entrepreneurship and job satisfaction, our value-driven craftsmanship.

Our history

Watch an overview of the key moments in Colruyt Group's story, from the very beginning to now.

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