You can see at a glance with the environment icon which products and services are improving your environmental impact step by step, and how we are making our activities more sustainable. This is how taking care of the environment just got one step easier.

Initiatives regarding environment

Zero emission transport for goods

We make a big deal out of sustainable freight transport. By 2035, all of our freight transport will be zero emission. Here you can discover how.

Our plan to reduce CO₂

We are systematically reducing our emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases through projects in areas such as cooling, heating, transport or energy

Smart and sustainable freight transport

Yes, we can! We avoid as many kilometres on the road as possible, opt for alternative transport and test lorries on hydrogen and electricity.

12 million trees for clean air

By planting 12 million trees, Colruyt Group wants to actively capture our remaining emission greenhouse gases.

Sustainable mobility for workers

We stimulate alternative transport modes and shared commutes. And we invest in regional offices and a greener fleet.

Sustainable packaging

We make our packaging more sustainable by opting for packaging-free, reuse, reduction, recycling, sustainable packaging materials and innovation.