You can see at a glance with the environment icon which products and services are improving your environmental impact step by step, and how we are making our activities more sustainable. This is how taking care of the environment just got one step easier.

Initiatives regarding environment

Saving points with Xtra

By opting for products with Eco-score A or B, customers can save points that can be used to support charities.


Eco-friendly choices are made much easier for customers thanks to the Eco-score. Why is this so important to us? Find out below.

Zero emission transport for goods

We make a big deal out of sustainable freight transport. By 2035, all of our freight transport will be zero emission. Here you can discover how.

Reducing CO2 emissions: how do we do this?

We are reducing our CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases through projects in cooling, heating, transport or energy. Read here how we do that.

Eat more plant-based food: go for 'fifty-fifty’

Choose plant-based meals half of the week: good for your health and the climate. Discover how to make an easy start.

Crownless pineapples

Through the sale of crownless pineapples, Colruyt Group aims to limit the impact of fresh pineapples on the environment.