You can see at a glance with the environment icon which products and services are improving your environmental impact step by step, and how we are making our activities more sustainable. This is how taking care of the environment just got one step easier.

Initiatives regarding environment

As much as possible, we put any food surpluses to good use through social organisations, sell them at reduced prices or process them into other products.

Less waste, more recycling? Every year, we reduce our waste streams in proportion to our turnover. And at the same time, we recycle the residual streams as much as possible.

By reusing materials, we reduce waste streams and consume fewer primary raw materials.

Our group is fully committed to circular water management, including our own treatment plants to reuse waste water and rainwater in a meaningful way.

For sustainable cooling of our products in our logistics chain we choose natural refrigerants such as propane or ammonia. Use of liquid ice containers

Colruyt Group's aim is the most sustainable soy cultivation in Belgium and abroad. We are a member of the Round Table on Responsible Soy and stimulate local soy cultivation.