You want to live (more) healthily and you also expect companies and your shop to make an effort. Quite rightly so. So when we take initiatives to make our products healthier or suggest alternatives for a balanced lifestyle, we shall promote what we are doing using the health icon. Step by step healthier living is therefore getting easier.

See how you can compare products using the Nutri-Score.

Initiatives regarding health

Dinner is served at 1-2-3 euros

Colruyt's 'Dinner is served in 1-2-3 euros' project makes delicious and balanced food accessible to struggling families.

Responsible use of antibiotics in animals

Through specifications, inspections and monitoring, we carefully follow up on the use of antibiotics in animals reared for our private label meat.

Continuous learning and development

Continuous learning and self-development? It’s a second nature for our employees. We try to integrate learning and development opportunities in everything we do.