Sustainable mobility for workers

Our workers' mobility is made more sustainable in several ways. The shift to alternative transport modes and shared commutes is stimulated, commutes are restricted thanks to regional offices and teleworking, and we are making our fleet greener. 

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Updated on 26/07/2023

Shift to alternative transport modes

Colruyt Group stimulates the use of alternative methods of transport such as bicycles and public transport. All our workers who undertake to cycle almost every day are entitled to a company bicycle (classic or electric) and receive a cycling package which includes a helmet, high-vis vest, repair kit and rain suit. The bicycle allowance is the legal maximum and workers can also request a temporary bicycle allowance for shorter periods. We also provide suitable facilities and infrastructure such as covered bicycle sheds and changing rooms with showers and lockers. 

Workers coming to work on foot, by bike, carpool or public transport. We stimulate the use of alternative methods of transport such as bicycles and public transport

Many workers also take public transport. They are offered a train, bus and/or tram season ticket. Our commuters can also request a commuter or folding bicycle or make use of the Blue Bike sharing system. 

Percentage of workers commuting to work on foot, by bike, carpool or public transport

% of employees commuting to work with a sustainable means of transport

Shared commutes

Going to work with colleagues is not only more fun and cheaper, it is also more sustainable: fewer cars on the road mean less emissions of polluting substances and less traffic jams.

  • To encourage workers to carpool with colleagues, we launched an internal online platform to facilitate the search for a driver or passenger for a particular route. Anyone who carpools can count on reserved parking spaces near the entrance of the office buildings.  
  • We also encourage shared mobility for business trips. For example, there are many sites where you can find share bikes , and workers can use a reservation system to reserve a car that runs on CNG, electricity or hydrogen.

Regional working and teleworking

Colruyt Group's growing network of regional offices means that workers travel fewer kilometres from and to work. Office workers can telework or go to a regional office two days a week at most, because working together and connecting with colleagues is important to us.


regional offices in 2022

Greener fleet of vehicles

We are constantly making our fleet of company cars greener and encouraging our workers to choose greener company cars. A large part of the fleet consists of diesel and CNG cars, as well as a number of electric cars and hydrogen models. In 2020, we also introduced plug-in hybrids with a large battery capacity.

Our fleet in 2018 (company cars, exclusive of work vehicles)

Our fleet in 2022 (company cars, exclusive of work vehicles)

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