Courteous and safe freight transport

Every day hundreds of lorries transport products from and to the store. All Colruyt Group drivers sign a courtesy charter and undertake to drive safely and courteously. We also do everything we can to increase road safety using technologies such as blind-spot cameras and by raising awareness in schools. 

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Updated on 23/11/2023

Engagement for safe and courteous traffic

All Colruyt Group drivers sign our courtesy charter and undertake to drive safely and courteously. The charter applies to all workers who drive a lorry or van as part of their job. The first version of the charter dates back to 9 February 1998, but was renewed in 2013, and again in 2023. Today, all drivers, delivery drivers and technicians take on the role of Colruyt Group ambassador.

Onze chauffeurs nemen de rol op van Colruyt Group-ambassadeur.

As a company, we put our full weight behind improving road safety. This is why the charter makes the commitments that Colruyt Group undertakes explicit. The drivers for instance regularly follow road safety and courtesy sessions, and we continue to invest in a safe and sustainable fleet.  Together, the drivers look at how they can put the courtesy charter into practice even better and help to make traffic safer and more courteous. 

All our lorries are equipped with a blind-spot camera and renewed side guard. All our lorries are equipped with a blind-spot camera and renewed side guard.

Lorries with smart equipment

All our lorries, trailers and vans are maintained and checked in our garage. They are only allowed on the road if they are in perfect technical condition. Before they leave, the drivers also check their vehicles themselves.

  • For years, we have been investing in blind-spot cameras and other technological innovations for lorries to increase safety. A blind-spot camera gives the driver a long and wide view of the right flank. And a special chip keeps the image clear and rich in contrast at night and in poor weather conditions.
  • Our lorries are also equipped with a renewed side guard, which prevents cyclists from ending up under the lorry.
  • Stickers show cyclists and pedestrians where the lorry's blind spots are.
Sensibilisering op scholen

Raising awareness at schools

To make children aware of the dangers on the road, our drivers visit schools. At the wheel of the lorry, children are able to experience the blind spot first hand. 10,000 school children on average participate in a session every year.

The driver first takes the group around his/her lorry and explains the mirrors, the different blind spots and the blind-spot camera. Afterwards, the children can sit on the driver's seat and experience for themselves what a driver can and cannot see.

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