Rabbits from park systems for more animal welfare

Colruyt Group is committed to the welfare of meat rabbits. In Colruyt, Okay, Spar, Solucious and Cru's assortment, you will only find fresh meat from rabbits bred in animal-friendlier park systems. At Colruyt, Okay and Solucious, the rabbit meat is also 100% Belgian.

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Updated on 26/07/2023

Only park rabbits since the end of 2014

In Belgium, park systems have been required by law since the beginning of 2016, although existing enriched cages can still be used until the end of 2024. However, since the end of 2014, Colruyt Group is committed to only offer fresh rabbit meat from animal-friendlier park systems. The rabbit meat at Colruyt, Okay and Solucious is also 100% Belgian, which means the animals are not subjected to long transports. We support our Belgian suppliers who have often invested heavily in the more animal-friendly systems. To guarantee sufficient supply, Spar partly imports farm rabbits from the Netherlands as well.  

100 %

fresh meat from park rabbits

100 %

fresh meat of rabbits grown in Belgium at Colruyt, Okay and Solucious

Why park systems?

Park systems for rabbits are endorsed by renowned animal welfare organisations in Belgium and Europe. An enriched park system offers rabbits more space to show natural behaviour. Rabbits are able to run, gnaw, jump, hide and socialise with other animals. A park is also far more pleasant for the rabbits, with features such as mats or a comfortable plastic floor, platforms to jump on or hide under, tunnels and gnawing materials. 

Rabbits in park system Park systems are bigger and more animal-friendly than traditional cages.
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