Achieving growth in the B2B market

Colruyt Group has built up considerable expertise in various B2B sectors over the years. We are now combining all this expertise in a joint offer and presenting ourselves more as one group in the B2B market. In other words, Colruyt Group will be an even stronger partner for professional customers.

New B2B approach

Colruyt Group has several brands that specialise in a business-to-business (B2B) offer. All these brands have become experts in their field.  As of now we will focus more on the complementarity of our brands and combine our wide-ranging expertise in a joint offer for professional customers. We want to be the preferred service partner of entrepreneurs and organisations, enabling sustainable growth and development with their customers and employees.

Our ambition in the B2B market in a nutshell.

Joint offer for the B2B market

Our joint offer is made possible by cross-pollination between our brands. Our group approach is centred around professional customers: what are their needs and how can we meet them together? Solucious, for example, offers its specific catering assortment to customers of Retail Partners Colruyt Group. And Solucious customers can also go to Colruyt Professionals for certain purchases.

Focus on four sectors

We focus on four sectors, for whom we can provide even more added value if we combine all our expertise.




Health & Public

Solucious services hospitality customers We're expanding our services for hospitality customers.

1. Hospitality sector

Hospitality customers are already turning to Solucious and Colruyt Professionals for products and logistics services today. We’re now expanding that offer: we want to provide even more support in the operation of their business, also in terms of other services. For example, we want to make ordering even easier, produce dishes for them or help them make their operations more sustainable.

2. Retailers

Independent supermarkets, night shops, bakers and butchers, etc. Through Colruyt Professionals and Retail Partners Colruyt Group, we have already built up considerable experience in our services for independent storekeepers. Advantages we offer them through our joint offer: a broad food assortment through the channel that best meets their needs, DATS 24 charging stations at their car park, cargo bikes from Bike Republic to make deliveries to their customers, etc. 

Employee at Spar Colruyt Group We know what retailers, like the independent storekeepers of Spar Colruyt Group, need.
Employee at Bike Republic Bike Republic helps businesses draw up a bicycle scheme for their employees, but it doesn't end there.

3. B2B2E

In the B2B2E market ('e' stands for employee), we sell a service or product to a business, but ultimately it is the employee of that business who uses it. As one of Belgium's biggest employers we've been investing in an open and stimulating work environment over a long period.  We're now helping other businesses with this through a package of services. For example, our health-focused brands have joined forces to share our craftsmanship in 'well-being at work' with customers as a group. For example, Bike Republic helps businesses draw up a bicycle scheme and refers them to Jims to help employees get more exercise.

4. Health & Public

We focus on healthcare facilities and professionals. Newpharma's parapharmaceutical products and yoboo's health programmes provide an added value to, for example, dieticians, doctors and homecare nurses. We also see opportunities for cross-pollination with brands such as Culinoa, Solucious' healthcare catering business. As a provider of meal services in assisted living and residential centres, it can also advise these centres on the composition of menus for the care sector or adapted methods of preparation.

In addition to this we also focus on educational institutes and public services, such as urban, municipal and police services. In these sectors we can upgrade our expertise in the field of tenders through, for example, Symeta Hybrid and Solucious, which are familiar with these sectors and have a great offer for them.

Medewerker van Newpharma

These brands strengthen our B2B offer:

Colruyt Group sees considerable potential in cities. With an adapted range of options, our various store formats meet the needs of urban residents.

Thanks to investments in new technologies and innovations, we are retail-ready for the future. Discover them in our stores.