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Boni is Colruyt Group’s own brand and represents affordable groceries. The complete range includes more than 3500 high-quality products with an excellent value for money. Through the entire development process, we prioritize quality, taste, range diversity and sustainability. How we do it? Read more here!

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Budget friendly shopping in all our shops

As our own brand, Boni is the ultimate choice for anyone looking to maximise value for money. Will you opt for the Boni range? It’s kind on your budget and does not cut corners on quality or taste.

You can find Boni products in these Colruyt Group’s shops:

Solid quality with the Nutri-Score

We make all of our products as healthy and nutritious as possible, without compromising on taste. And we display the Nutri-Score on the packaging. This shows you immediately how healthy a product is. Plus, you can easily compare products. You can also find the Nutri-Score of most products on, and in the Xtra app.

Wide range of 3,500 products

You can find more than 3,500 Boni products in Colruyt Group shops, including both food (fruit, milk, cakes, pasta, plant-based products, etc.) and non-food (such as care and maintenance products) items. There is a wide range to choose from in each product group, including various kinds of cheese and yoghurt, as well as shampoo for different hair types.

In addition, we have also developed specific ranges that focus not only on affordability, but on other customer needs as well:

Boni Bio

Boni Bio gives you a choice of more than 350 products. You can recognise them by their fresh green packaging and by the EU organic label.

Boni Eco

A selection of environmentally responsible and ecological care and maintenance products for the whole family.

Boni NO Gluten

For those who are intolerant to gluten, or simply prefer not to consume it, including products such as bread, cakes and ready meals.

Boni Veggie

A range of more than 60 vegetarian or vegan alternatives to meat – from vegetarian burgers and wok strips to prepared dishes and vegan sandwich fillings.

Full of flavour – with your help

To guarantee the flavour and convenience of our products, we put them through an ongoing series of taste and use tests. Interested in helping us determine taste, quality and ease of use? Sign up to become a tester.

Make conscious, sustainable choices with the Eco-score

The Eco-score shows you how sustainable a product is at a glance. That way, you can easily make conscious choices, and we know which products we need to improve. Together, we contribute to a more sustainable world.

You can find the score of most Boni products on, and in the Xtra app.

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Founded in 2013

Available at Colruyt Lowest Prices, Okay, Spar, Bio-Planet, Collect&Go, Solucious and Alvo


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