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Boni is Colruyt Group's private label an extensive assortment of products with an excellent price/quality ratio. Boni products help you to consciously consume more sustainably and are a reliable and smart choice for your family. You will find them at Colruyt Lowest Prices, OKay, Bio-Planet, Spar Colruyt Group and Alvo food stores, and through Collect&Go and Solucious.

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Serve a nice Eco-score

It would be really great ... if we could provide our customers with more information about the Boni Selection products they want to buy. That’s why the Boni Selection brand decided to implement the Eco-score methodology for its food products. The Eco-score is a new tool that shows the environmental footprint of products using a letter and colour code. The initiative fits perfectly with Colruyt Group’s vision. It has monitored the environmental footprint of its private label products for many years.

Boni Selection presents the Eco-score

The Eco-score is a practical label used to provide you with environmental information quickly. It’s a single score that takes many environmental factors into account such as the origin of ingredients, packaging, sustainability labels, etc. Over 2,500 Boni Selection products now have an Eco-score! This way, you can select your Boni products with all the information at hand. 

That’s how we’re contributing to protecting the environment together, step by step.

How do we calculate the Eco-score?

To calculate the environmental footprint of its products, Boni analyses a number of different factors, including water consumption and soil pollution, which occur in the life cycle of a product. The life cycle analysis receives a score out of 100. In addition, bonus and penalty points are allocated based on the product’s origin, packaging, certifications, etc. Based on the final score, Boni products are assigned an Eco-score from A to E.

Make informed choices thanks to the Eco-score of Boni products. Make informed choices thanks to the Eco-score of Boni products.

Where is the Eco-score located on Boni products?

Customers can easily find the Eco-score on our Boni Selection products using the Xtra, MyColruyt and SmartWithFood apps: simply scan the barcode. In addition, the score is also available on the Bio-Planet and Colruyt websites. At this time, the score is only available for food products. The first Boni Selection products with an Eco-score on their packaging will be in stores this summer.

Scan the barcode of your Boni product with the Xtra app to see its Eco-score. Scan the barcode of your Boni product with the Xtra app to see its Eco-score.

The pillars of Boni

Sustainability, health, taste and quality: we pay particular attention to these four important aspects in the choice and development of Boni products. 

  • Sustainability: our aim is continuous improvement of Boni products, with attention for people, animals and the environment. Since 2021, we add the Eco-Score to the packaging, to allow you to consciously make a more sustainable choice.
  • Quality: Boni products stand for impeccable quality. Attractive, informative packaging.
  • Health & taste: we make our products as healthy and nutritious as possible, without compromising on taste. To evaluate and improve the quality of our own brands, taste and use tests are organised. And we put the Nutri-Score on the packaging.

Products with added value

For Boni, our purchasers go to great lengths to find products with an added value. For instance, our AA milk comes from Belgian producers and our frozen fish contains no additives. Boni’s smoked salmon also has that little extra because we salt it according to traditional methods and let it smoke slowly at low temperatures. This approach applies to all our products - tasty, of excellent quality and at a perfect price.

Big choice

You will find many Boni products in your store, both food (biscuits, drinks, prepared meat products, sauces, vegetarian products, etc.) and non-food (e.g. maintenance and care products). You have a big choice in each product group. Just take the different types of cheese, yoghurt or a shampoo per hair type.

Boni product lines

Our private label Boni has a number of additional product lines: Boni Bio (food), Boni Eco (maintenance and care), Boni NO Gluten (gluten-free) and Boni Veggie. There's also Boni Kids: food products especially adapted for children. We also have a special Christmas and New year festive assortment.

Boni Bio

Boni Bio stands for 100% organic products at attractive prices. You can recognise them by their fresh green packaging and the European organic label. This means they stand out in the store and you can be sure your product meets the European standards for organic products. Boni Bio products are not only tasty, they also make eating organic easy and affordable. 

What is bio?

The term bio or biologisch (organic) is protected by law. Food that is cultivated naturally may therefore not simply be labelled as being organic. 

Boni Selection Bio

Boni Eco

Do you think it's important that your maintenance and care products are as eco-friendly as possible? Then buy our Boni Eco line. It is one of the most eco-friendly private labels on the market and also guarantees excellent quality at an attractive price.

What is Eco?

The term ‘eco’ guarantees that all Boni Eco products meet the strict ecological standards of the EU-Ecolabel. Furthermore, the packaging is largely made of recycled material.

Boni Selection Eco

Boni NO gluten

Anyone who is gluten intolerant or chooses to eat gluten-free will find basic products such as bread or biscuits and ready-made meals under the NO Gluten label. Where possible, the gluten-free products are also lactose-free. People who cannot tolerate gluten are often intolerant to lactose as well.

What is gluten-free?

Guten-free products contain less than 20 ppm (parts per million) gluten. 

Boni Selection NO gluten

Boni Veggie

If you're looking for alternatives to meat or fish, Boni Veggie offers plenty of choice: from vegetarian burgers and wok ingredients to ready meals and veggie spreads.

What is veggie?

The term vegetarian is interpreted according to the definition of lacto-ovo-vegetarian. Vegetarian products therefore contain no meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, molluscs or insects, nor any by-products of slaughtered animals, such as rennet or gelatine.

Boni enVie: soup with a story

Image Boni enVie soups are made with surplus locally grown fresh seasonal vegetables. They are produced by Brussels-based start-up enVie, which helps the long-term unemployed.

With Boni enVie, we kill two birds with one stone: it offers both a concrete answer to food waste and to long-term unemployment. Moreover, the soups are 100% natural, without preservatives, artificial aromas or flavour enhancers.

Boni enVie

Through this initiative we want to contribute to a better society, step by step.

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