Cru is an experience market for people with a passion for food. You will find simple, authentic products in a contemporary setting. We look for the essence: the pure taste of the product, in all its simplicity. Products prepared with contemporary cooking techniques, convenient packaging and portions, quick and easy checkout ... make every visit a total experience.

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10 crafts under one roof

The world of fine food and drink is brought to life at Cru in ten traditional metiers. From butchers and fishmongers to greengrocers and bakers. The beverage and flower metiers are also part of it. The offer differs depending on the season or the market.

Our suppliers are our partners who all share our passion and are consciously looking for ways to stand out. Thanks to our short chain, together we manage to offer the freshest products every day. Our staff will serve you with pleasure and will even bring the story behind each product to your plate. They make you part of the Cru experience.

CRU is een belevingsmarkt voor mensen met een passie voor voeding.

Ordinary products, exceptionally good

We believe in the force of nature and give it time to do its work. We follow the rhythm of the seasons, not only for fruit and vegetables, but also for fish, for example. And our animals have lived a happy life; you can taste this in the meat.

To avoid stress of choice, we deliberately keep the range limited. At any time, we choose to offer the products that are at their best at that time.

Eatery Cuit: discover, taste, experience

In eatery Cuit, the chefs work with the products of our market to make simple preparations for breakfast, lunch or pre-dinner. You choose your fish, meat or vegetables and the chef sets to work to prepare them as pure as possible (separately). You can put them in the middle of the table, just on a tray. Everyone takes what he or she wants.

All seasonal ingredients come from the Cru fresh market. Were you excited about a particular ingredient? Drop in at the Cru market to buy it and take it home.

A few figures

Founded in 2014

4 markets, 3 of which have eatery Cuit
on 31 March 2023


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