Bio-Planet is a sustainable supermarket with 33 stores and its own Collect&Go online shop. You can find all your fair and delicious groceries there: fresh organic fruit and vegetables, meat and veggie options, cheese and wine, bread and spreads, ecological care and cleaning products ... If you like sustainable, healthy and delicious pure food, Bio-Planet is the place to be!

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Offer for consumers

Sustainable assortment

We carefully choose the products: only what is made with respect for people and environment ends up on our shelves. 

  • We prefer products from organic farming. Products in their purest form and no chemicals or genetically modified organisms. Animal welfare is very important as well.
  • We choose Belgian local products whenever we can. If they have to come from far-away countries, we prefer transport by boat when at all possible.
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Accessible and inspiring

Bio-Planet inspires you with surprising products and delicious recipes. Boni Bio offers organic products for daily use at a good price. Need something special? Our employees will gladly help you. You can also find inspiration on our website, in our magazine and our newsletters.

A large part of our product range is also available in the Collect&Go online shop. Shop online and pick up your order in the pick-up point of your choice.

Offer for companies

Are you a professional who wants more organic on the menu in your organisation? Or are you keen to respond more easily to your customers’ dietary desires? Bio-Planet caters for all your professional purchases, and you can also easily book them ahead.

Not only that, you can also use all Colruyt Professional services and cards here.

  • With the Colruyt card, you and your employees pay for purchases easily and safely using your professional account.
  • With the Colruyt invoice card, you receive an invoice for all your purchases.
  • As a holder of a Professional Plus card, you enjoy extra benefits, such as a 3% permanent discount when you spend as from 100 euros and 5% as from 250 euros.
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Elektrische gekoelde Solucious bakwagen

Fast and easy delivery thanks to our partner Solucious

Are you a professional customer who wants your order to be delivered? That is possible with Solucious, wholesaler in food and non-food items and our partner within Colruyt Group. You can group all of your orders (organic, food and non-food) and have them delivered in one go. And you can count on a personal service, reliable delivery and transparent prices.

A few figures

Founded in 2001

33 stores on 31 March 2023


+32 (0)2 363 50 10

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