Nine partnership principles

Colruyt Group collaborates with a lot of companies. In order to guarantee long-lasting partnerships, we always observe our nine partnership principles. 

A partnership is formally established

At Colruyt Group, we only speak of a partnership when the mutual commitment is established on paper. This is preceded by a meaningful process to get to know each other and match our expectations, thus reducing discussions afterwards. If there are still discussions, we always have a common reference frame to fall back on. Documented agreements are never without obligations; they are objective means to enhance the relationship.

We stand by our agreements.

At Colruyt Group, we stand by our agreements. When we give our word, it means something. This does not alter the fact that it must be possible – when the context changes – to talk with each other and to adapt the agreements together. That is how we can remain a reliable partner.

We are working on a win-win-win

At Colruyt Group, we want to create added value together. We want all parties involved to benefit. Our customers firstly, but our partners and ourselves too (win-win-win). Together with our partners, we look for what binds us (and what separates us). We determine the direction and approach together and we consider the added value for our customers as a common objective.

We regularly evaluate our partnership

Together, we regularly evaluate the partnership: it is our way to encourage each other to keep improving. This is only possible if we express clear expectations in advance and regularly talk about them together. We consider our partners an important sounding board and we appreciate their feedback. We also give the necessary feedback about how we experience the partnership, professionally as well as relationally. A lack of openness can be a reason to stop working together.

We are transparent

At Colruyt Group, we agree with our partners in advance on which mutual information or other means they need to work together well. We decide together which level of mutual transparency we want to guarantee, but we never go farther than necessary. After all, we are two parties, we have a common goal but we each have our own mission and strategy.

We develop a long-term relationship

At Colruyt Group, we seek long-term relationships with our partners as much as possible. If we work together long enough and adequately, we learn to understand and get a feel for each other. In this way, trust can grow and we can work together more efficiently. Furthermore, long-term relationships offer opportunities to make the partnership more profound and to set up new initiatives together for the benefit of our customers.

We seek value-driven collaboration

At Colruyt Group, our values are the foundation to realise our mission. That is our common reference, also with regard to our partners. Our partners’ values do not necessarily have to be identical to ours, but they should at least be compatible. We can only speak of a value-driven collaboration if we can understand and recognise each other’s motives and intentions. In strategic partnerships, sharing each other’s values becomes more essential, of course.

Our actions are qualitative, efficient, effective and proactive

At Colruyt Group, we not only want to provide our partners with high-quality services or products, but we also want them to pursue efficiency and effectiveness with us. Moreover, we want both sides to be proactive and enterprising. We look ahead, anticipate possible developments in our partnership, and take action in good time.

We aim for decisions supported by both parties

At Colruyt Group, we want both parties to support all decisions we make within the framework of a partnership. Even when, exceptionally, there can be no win-win-win. Also, in cases where one of the partners has to harm itself in the short term, we want to support the choice together and to let the long term prevail. Real partnerships endure difficult times too.

Lasting partnerships

Our nine partnership principles are aligned with our group’s values and shape the way we want to make a positive difference, today and in the future. One of the reasons we work with partners is to achieve our sustainability goals. Together, we make specific commitments for the benefit of people and the environment, and exchange knowledge and experience.