Colruyt Group Academy: training and workshops for employees and consumers

If you grow as an employee, the company grows as well. That’s why we invest 40 million euros each year in employee training. But we also want to share our knowledge with you as a consumer. So we organise various workshops for both children and adults. And Colruyt Group Academy supervises these workshops and training.

For employees

People who want to develop their talents and skills can take part in a wide range of Colruyt Group Academy courses. Each year as an employer, Colruyt Group invests 40 million euros in training. That’s 3.2% of our labour costs, one of the highest percentages in the country.

Course time management
Our Academy is ideal for people who want to develop their talents and skills.

Personal development is central to this. People who get to know themselves better also understand others better. In addition, it’s important to work well with your colleagues. That’s why we have training courses about different personality types or about assertiveness. But as an employee, you can also improve your skills, attitudes and knowledge through job-based training about language skills, communication skills, etc.

As an employer, Colruyt Group invests 40 million euros each year.

And for consumers

As a consumer, you can also join the Colruyt Group Academy. We have workshops for kids, young people and adults. We like to share our knowledge about ‘Eating and drinking’, ‘House and garden’, ‘Welfare and relaxation’, ‘Alternative fuels’, etc. During the workshops, interaction between people is central. As a participant, you get inspired, and we keep in touch with our customers.

Kids: start to DJ   Young people: make-up time   Adults: single malt whisky

Local associations will always find an open door at one of our Colruyt Group Academies. Our Academies thus contribute to regional identification.


The Academy in Grimbergen
The Academy in Grimbergen has eight workshop spaces and a brand new kitchen.

Take part in a workshop?

As a customer, you can join Colruyt Group Academy for a workshop anywhere in Belgium. We are trying to have at least one meeting place per province. Do you want to take part in a workshop?

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