Eoly is Colruyt Group's sustainable energy producer. They generate power using wind turbines, solar panels, and co-generation. And they only purchase power that is 100% green on the wholesale market. In the meantime, Eoly experiments with innovative techniques such as hydrogen. The company is constantly investing in its production capacity, with the objective of providing 100% of Colruyt Group's energy with self-produced green power.

Energy supplier

Eoly provides for companies with a usage of 50 MWh/year or more. They offer four products, and set themselves apart through a simple product range, transparent communication, and collaboration that is rooted in trust. Additionally, Eoly provides green power to Colruyt Group's enterprises and departments, as well as independent stores Spar Retail and Alvo. As 100% sustainable energy entrepreneurs, Eoly strives to make energy more sustainable and costs more affordable.

Eoly in numbers

In all our products we offer power that is 100% green


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