Fresh? Spar has it. You can find the products of our own Spar brand in all the fresh food aisles. You can eat fresh every day with our vegetables, cold meats, butcher products, and cheese. And if you do not have the time or desire to cook yourself? The Spar ready meals are a tasty solution.

Love for craftsmanship

The Spar products have been selected with love. Our experienced experts go out every day to do blind taste tests. They are patient, and extremely dedicated. Because only the best is good enough to end up on our shelves. That is just how we are. So let our fresh, affordable Spar products entice and inspire you.

The product is the star

We want our products to speak for themselves, and that is why we decided to use pure and real photography on our packaging that tells the story behind the products and its source. 
We also consistently use slogans, such as “From the fields to your plate” in order to emphasise how pure the product is.

Spar stands for freshness on your plate, every day



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2014 (the ‘new’ Spar brand)

Available at all Spar stores of Colruyt Group

Freshness on your plate, every day