OKay is the practical local supermarket for quick, cheap and easy shopping.


At OKay you can find a broad range of products in a small area. It makes daily shopping smooth and efficient.

Because it’s easy to reach, you avoid traffic-jams and long distances. And you can leave your car in our spacious car park.


OKay guarantees service and quality at the lowest prices in the neighbourhood. Moreover, on top of the lowest price, you enjoy all OKay benefits thanks to Xtra. Found a lower price elsewhere? Please tell the store manager.


Our stores are conveniently arranged so you can easily find all products. Thanks to the handy recipes and tips in our folder, you'll get inspiration to serve a delicious meal in a jiffy.

OKay is quick, cheap and easy. But don't tell anyone, okay?

You don't know OKay yet? In our stores you can find fresh products such as bread, fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, prepared dishes, etc. but a broad range of other food products as well. Thanks to our convenient stores, you can shop smoothly and efficiently. And if there is something you cannot find, our co-workers will gladly help you. In short: OKay is the ideal local supermarket for daily shopping. 



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+32 (0)2 361 67 74

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Monday to Sunday
7am to 8pm (Fridays until 9pm)


131 stores (March 31, 2019)

Quick, cheap and easy