The number of campaigns to clean up litter are on the rise

Cleaning up the litter in our neighbourhoods, step by step. This is what an increasing amount of Colruyt employees are starting to do. New clean-up campaigns are being organised at several of the company's locations. Dozens of volunteers are doing their bit to keep their local communities neat and tidy, and inspire others to do so to. After all, Colruyt group employees are an organised bunch of people.

VIDEO: Clean-up campaign in Halle by volunteers of Colruyt Group

Neat and tidy!

The clean-up campaigns carried out by our employees in Deinze have been successful. In the last year, the area around our building has been cleaned by volunteers, an initiative of Colruyt employee Nicolas Claus.  "Since January, we have collected about 5,000 litres of litter during our monthly clean-up rounds. This was enough to convince the De Prijkels business park and a number of other companies are taking part in our special clean-up campaign on 15 November, which sends a positive signal to the outside world", says Nicolas.

Colruyt Group employees during a clean-up campaign against litter
The volunteers are having a meaningful and active lunch break cleaning up litter.

Trendsetting campaign

Volunteers in Halle have also recently set out to collect litter on the streets and car parks around our offices in Wilgenveld. "One of our main objectives is to encourage a change in behaviour", says organiser Goedele Daems. "If employees see that their litter is being cleared by colleagues who voluntarily do so in their free time, hopefully they will start putting their litter in a bin.  From now on, the clean-up campaign will be repeated every month: a highly visible initiative that fits in with our commitments to reduce litter.

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Number of litter-pickers is growing

The litter-picking bug is spreading: an increasing number of enthusiastic volunteers are committing themselves to a neat and tidy environment.  For example, clean-up campaigns have already been organised in Stroppen and Mechelen. Other branches are also showing an interest in doing their bit to help. We will therefore continue to play our part in creating a pleasant living environment, with our five-year plan 'Together we can beat litter'.

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With this initiative, we contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Sustainable cities and communities Responsible consumption & production