‘Wanted: Food for the Future’ wins award

On December 6th, the ‘Wanted: Food for the Future’ project won the Sustainable Partnerships Award. This award honours the best examples of international collaboration between the public sector, businesses and non-profit organisations. ‘Wanted: Food for the Future’ is a joint project between the province of Flemish Brabant, Vredeseilanden (Rikolto), Colruyt Group, KU Leuven (the Catholic University of Leuven) and UCLL (University Colleges Leuven-Limburg). We have combined our expertise and, together, we’re looking for ways to feed the growing world population in a sustainable and healthy way. The objective: to stimulate the debate about food and raise the future consumer’s awareness.

Food for the future

Each partner’s starting point is their own expertise. The province of Flemish Brabant starts with its network of young people, businesses and educational institutions. Vredeseilanden (Rikolto) uses its international experience in setting up chain projects and coaching farmers’ organisations. Colruyt Group commits to bringing new, more sustainable products to the market. In addition, we also set up youth training projects via the Collibri Foundation. KU Leuven supports this project with scientific research. UCLL is actively involving its students.

Together, we developed new food products based on three crops: seaweed from Indonesia, legumes from Tanzania and Andes crops such as quinoa from Peru.

© Isabel Corthier (Solid)

Young people as consumers of the future

UCLL involves its students very closely in the project. Food science students help to develop new food products, marketing students develop ideas about how to bring sustainable and healthy food to the market. Teachers in primary and secondary schools are starting a ‘Food for the Future’ course and thus making their pupils think about this.

The project also encourages young entrepreneurs in Tanzania, Peru, Indonesia and Belgium to think about the food of the future together. That’s why we organise workshops based on their own reality and needs. The aim? To raise awareness amongst young people and to inspire them via a worldwide network.

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© Isabel Corthier (Solid)
© Isabel Corthier (Solid)

With this initiative, we contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Responsible consumption & production Climate action