Home-grown organic pork

Certified organic home-grown pork from a short, transparent chain, from pigs bred with respect for animal welfare and the environment. In order to offer this, we started an exclusive partnership with two partner companies last year.

Born, reared and slaughtered in Belgium

In mid-2018, we set up a 100% Belgian and organic pork chain; this is an innovative cooperation model with significant added value for all the links in the chain.
The company BioVar.be deals with the rearing of organic pigs and has invested in brand new, modern pig sheds that meet the criteria for organic farming. The farm has about a hundred sows and the first piglets were born at the start of 2019. Our other partner company Delavi, deals with the transport arrangements, slaughter of the animals and cutting the meat into portions. Our part in the partnership is, on the one hand, our exclusive commitment to buy the pork. On the other hand, our skilled butchers take care of the next steps, such as cutting the meat into smaller portions and wrapping it up.

pigs in a stable
This organic pork will be available in Colruyt Laagste Prijzen and Bio-Planet stores from the end of August 2019.

Short and transparent chain

Together with the two partner companies, we control the entire chain and the cost structure. Thanks to this partnership, we can also contribute to the further development of organic farming in Flanders and help retain local expertise. Most importantly, all partners are responding to the growing demand for pork that is locally, sustainably and organically reared, thus reducing the amount that has to be imported.