Colruyt Group Fine Food wins Factory of the Future Award

Yesterday, the employers' organisation Agoria awarded the Factory of the Future Award to our production site Fine Food Meat 2. This award underlines once again the high level of professionalism we have come to expect from our T&I technical department, our BP&S IT department and our in-house Fine Food production department.

A model site

According to Agoria, our meat processing department Fine Food Meat 2 (FFM2) scored highly in three important areas. Thus, the building is Best in Class for the environment. It produces its own energy with an on-site wind turbine Rainwater and wastewater are processed and recycled into drinking water to clean the equipment and make meat preparations.  The waste flows of products and packaging are also strictly managed. The award is therefore a highly-deserved confirmation of the sustainable character of Colruyt Group, which is also a focus of our most recent production site.

Recycled waste water Colruyt Group Fine Food Meat
The equipment in Fine Food Meat 2 are cleaned daily using recycled water.

Employees are key

Secondly, Agoria praised the high level of employee involvement, both at the development stage and construction stage of the new site. Workshops were organised where operators could put forward their ideas about what their ideal workplace should look like. Thirdly, Agoria mentions that the skills of employees are also recognised. Motivated employees can progress from the production floor to planning, administration, etc. All of this means that FFM2 can rightly call itself the Factory of the Future for the next three years.

Employees of the Colruyt Group Fine Food Meat
The employees of Fine Food Meat 2 were also involved in the decisions on their new workplace.

With this initiative, we contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Industry, innovation & infrastructure Responsible consumption & production