We sign up to the Green Deal Sustainable Urban Logistics

Whether you live there, work there or just shop there, liveable cities with good air quality are important to all of us. That's why Colruyt Group has joined forces with 34 other organisations and several Flemish ministers to sign the Green Deal on Sustainable Urban Logistics. We're helping to restrict emissions from freight transport in our cities; by using greener transport methods, for example, and by reducing the number of kilometres covered by freight transport.

Logistics: a huge impact on quality of life

Our cities are continuously growing and slowly clogging up as more people means more demand for goods and services. Logistics transport is already responsible for a quarter of CO2 emissions in cities. Although delivery vehicles only account for between 10 and 20% of the distance covered, this sector actually produces 30 to 50% of other emissions, such as nitrogen and particulates. The Green Deal on Sustainable Urban Logistics – a statement of commitment by 35 business and organisations and the Flemish government – aims to act as a springboard to develop efficient and emission-free methods of delivering goods in cities.

35 participants join forces
The Green Deal aims to reduce emissions and distances covered, as well as to increase collaboration in the sector.

Shorter distances and greener transport methods

Every participant has their own approach to reducing the distances driven and ensuring that journeys are made at appropriate times and using more environmentally friendly or even zero emission vehicles. Here at Colruyt Group, for example, we're testing both light and heavy delivery vehicles and trucks that run on CNG and electricity. We're also designing better bicycle parking for our outlets, with the aim of reducing the number of cars on the roads even further.

Colruyt Group signs up to the Green Deal on Sustainable Urban Logistics
Here at Colruyt Group, our actions include testing light and heavy delivery vehicles and trucks that run on CNG and electricity.

This is the fourth Green Deal we have put our weight behind, following in the footsteps of the Green Deal on Biodiversity, the Green Deal on Circular Purchases and the Green Deal on Circular Construction.

With this initiative, we contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Sustainable cities and communities Responsible consumption & production