29% more green electricity in three years’ time

1999 was the year when the rest of the world was getting ready for the new millennium. For Colruyt Group, 1999 was the year we took our very first steps into the world of renewable energy. We broke new ground with our first wind turbine, which was then the tallest in Belgium. Almost 20 years later, our sustainable energy specialist Eoly is coming out with some very positive figures. Because we now produce a third of our total energy consumption in Belgium, thanks to our turbines, solar panels and cogeneration. And the only way is up!



The figures from the last three years show a very positive trend. To put them into context, we converted the production figures into the average annual consumption of an average family. And the first thing you notice is the amount of CO₂ we are saving as a result.


With this initiative, we contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Affordable and clean energy Climate action