Positive results for biological cleaning with micro-organisms

From now on, we will clean our staff rooms with BioOrg. This biological cleaning product will be used in all the stores of Colruyt Laagste Prijzen, OKay, OKay Compact, Dreamland, Dreambaby and Bio-Planet. This will let us actively contribute to a more sustainable world. The difference with conventional cleaning products? This method combines a new way of cleaning – atomisation – with natural micro-organisms that actively fight filth.

Positive results

Micro-organisms can be used for cleaning in different locations like offices, kitchens, locker rooms, lunch rooms and restrooms. They will not be used in places where food is processed or produced – like Fine Food Meat in Halle. Christa Dermez, head of the department Cleaning Services, is closely involved with the project. "We are testing this biological cleaning product for six months and the results are positive."

Cleaning lady atomises micro-organisms on the ceiling
Atomisation is used to put the bio-organisms on a dirty surface. It’s a much less labor-intensive technique.

Good for health

Christa: “Atomisation is healthier for our cleaners. They don’t have to push heavy carts anymore and will make less harmful movements. In the long run, we’ll avoid a lot of problems with wrists, backs and shoulders. Considering all elements, cleaning with micro-organisms makes sense. The same amount of work demands less effort and the health of our collaborators improves. It proofs that we can be inventive without harming the environment.”

Our wastewater is also cleaned biologically.

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Cleaning with micro-organisms proofs that we can be inventive without harming the environment.

Beneficial way of cleaning

The natural organisms are strikingly easy to use. Mops, detergents and buckets of water are replaced by a product that is atomised. The bacteria remove dust and dirt, but they also relieve the work load of our cleaning teams considerably. This biological product is much more compact than conventional cleaning products. We also gain a remarkable amount of time. The cleaned area will stay clean much longer, up to 20 %. We only need one product for all conventional cleaning, regardless of the surface (furniture, walls, floors, windows …).

Active elements

Active bacteria are the basic ingredients of this new way of cleaning. They can produce different kinds of enzymes, depending on the type of dirt they encounter. They will clean up the pollution by metabolising it. In short, the product takes over the ‘dirty work’ that used to be done by our cleaning teams. The micro-organisms form living communities and produce more enzymes, cleaning their environment almost permanently. They feed on molecules of dust, toxic substances and others pollutions.