Refuel with your Xtra app at DATS 24

With your smartphone in your pocket, you can get further than with a Swiss pocket knife. Since January, it’s been possible to fill up at DATS 24 using your smartphone with just a few clicks. You activate the pump with your Xtra app, fill up with fuel and then you’re good to go. Payment is made automatically. Quick and easy!

Easier refuelling

We were the first in Belgium to launch the option of refuelling using your smartphone. “We studied and tested apps from all over the world. We also called 1,000 customers and asked them about their experience filling up with the Xtra card. All of this information was taken into account when we developed the new function on the Xtra app to make refuelling even easier," says Raf Flebus, Business Unit Manager at DATS 24. We also gave some thought to the environment. Filling up with your smartphone means you no longer need a plastic card to pay with. Printed receipts are also a thing of the past, so less paper and ink consumption.

Smartphone that shows pump 7
The Xtra app automatically registers which petrol station you are at. You choose the pump yourself.

Refuelled in just a few clicks

Once you have activated the payment function, you can refuel with your smartphone in seconds. You drive to a DATS 24 petrol station, open the app, choose a pump number and fill up immediately. By the time you’re sitting behind the wheel again, your receipt is already displayed on the smartphone screen. What if you've run out of battery? Then naturally, you can fill up using your Xtra card or bank card.

Woman with smartphone in car at DATS 24 petrol station
You can refuel in just 3 clicks.

Paying with Xtra

The refuelling function on the app works just like paying with Xtra in the store. The day after you have refuelled, the amount you have refuelled is debited via direct debit from your account. The app will also give you an overview of all your refuelling sessions and discounts. Since early 2019, some 15,000 customers have been using their smartphones to refuel at DATS 24.

Woman with smartphone in car at DATS 24 petrol station
During busy periods, you don't have to wait in line to pay.