Maximum recycling with our cardboard charcuterie trays

Do you want to sort properly, but you’re not sure which rubbish bag your empty packaging belongs in? We make it easy. Our recyclable charcuterie trays are mainly made of cardboard with a thin covering film. Just pull the two apart, one goes in the paper recycling, the other in the ordinary bin. Done!

90% paper

Our charcuterie trays are the first in Belgium to be made from recyclable cardboard which carries the FSC label for sustainable forest management. A thin film inside avoids direct contact between the meat and the cardboard. But even that layer is 90% paper fibre. This complies with the Fost Plus standard for recyclable paper waste, so you can put it in the paper recycling at home, without the leftovers of course!

The tray is sealed by a thin transparent foil which goes into the ordinary bin and takes up hardly any room.

Logo FSC
Our charcuterie trays are made from 90% recyclable cardboard that carries the FSC label.

Better for the environment

During their entire lifecycle, from production through transport to processing, these cardboard charcuterie trays have 55% less impact on the environment.

Each year, we put 12.5 million fewer expanded polystyrene containers, or 130 fewer tonnes of plastic, into circulation. Because the cardboard trays have a smaller volume than plastic trays, they also require less transport and less storage space.

Remove the tear-off foil and just put your charcuterie tray into the paper recycling.

For cold cuts

We pack slices of meat from the butcher, such as ham, salami or meatloaf, in our cardboard charcuterie trays.

We will still pack our other fresh meat from the butcher in plastic trays until we have found a sustainable alternative that is resistant to the meat’s natural juices.

Salami in cardboard tray
We pack mainly ‘dry’ meats such as ham, salami or meatloaf in the cardboard trays.

With this initiative, we contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Responsible consumption & production