Colruyt takes extra measures for respectful slaughtering

Colruyt has imposed extra measures on slaughterhouses, in order to make sure the slaughtering process is monitored even better in the future and takes place as respectfully as possible (with as little stress and pain as possible). This means that the slaughterhouses, among other things, have to provide camera surveillance and additional controls. Colruyt also has unannounced checks carried out.

Additional measures for Colruyt suppliers

All slaughterhouses Colruyt works with, are regularly visited by our buyers and the quality service. During such a visit the presence of camera control in strategic places in the slaughtering process is verified, among other things. This aside, an appointed “Animal Welfare Officer” is permanently present on-site to monitor the slaughtering process. This person reports directly to our management. Finally, Colruyt also has unannounced checks carried out by the control organism “Quality Control”. The last two years, the results were positive and we will carry out these unannounced checks in 2019 as well.

Join forces with the sector to slaughter respectfully

Stefan Goethaert, Director of Colruyt Group Fine Food explains the initiative: “In the past we already took quite a few measures for more animal well-being. The events in 2017 showed us however that the slaughtering process does not always proceed correctly and that more measures are needed. To us it is clear what we want: handle animals with respect throughout the chain process. This is a learning process, step by step. First with our own suppliers and wider with the sector and the competent authorities. Our goal is not to take over from the authorities, nor to criticize them.