Retail company

As a retail company, customer trust is key to us. We therefore want to continue to meet their wishes and needs and make life easier for them, now and in the future.

Customers are the reason for existence.

Our customers have increasingly multifaceted expectations and needs. We want to provide relevant and sustainable answers. The main customer needs we want to focus on are:

  • Budget: Life has become more expensive for everyone lately and for more and more customers  it has become important to keep a close eye on their budget.
  • Sustainability:  more and more people are aware of the importance of this topic and are looking for ways to live and consume more sustainably.
  • Health: being and staying healthy is an ambition that consumers today are actively working on.
  • Convenience: not every consumer has the same needs and preferences. Customers want to be able to choose the offer that suits them best at any time.

We are committed to sustainable entrepreneurship so that our customers can consume more consciously. As a strong local player, we continue to innovate this commitment. We offer our customers added value in 3 ways:


We make it as easy as possible for them to meet their needs and unburden them.


We empower them to make more conscious choices.


We want to connect customers, to society and to our company.

4 areas of expertise and complementary brands

Colruyt Group wants to hold a suitable place at every stage of its customers' lives, as well as at all important moments in life. We therefore aim for maximum complementarity of our different brands.

These retail brands belong to 1 or more areas of expertise which we define the details for a specific offer each time.

Onze familie van bedrijven wil het de klant graag makkelijk(er) maken.

4 strategic changes

We have identified four strategic changes on which we want to focus in the coming years. As Colruyt Group, we want to:

  • Be the most cost-efficient retailer: both in the support services, and in the stores. With a healthy cash flow to enable our investments in the future.
  • Be a ‘phygital’ retailer: with the physical and the digital elements reinforcing each other. Take the lead in online shopping and use data as a source of insights and revenue.
  • Be the best retailer: excelling in serving the customer in all our areas of expertise.
  • Growing our business together: in cities, in France and Luxembourg, in the B2B sector, through 'dark kitchens' and in Food acquisitions services.

Our brands

Consumers can go to one of our store formulas, webshops or services at every stage of their lives.

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