Retail company

As a retail company, customer trust is key to us. We want to continue meeting their wishes and needs and make their lives easier. 

Complementary brands

Colruyt Group wants to hold a suitable place in every phase of our customers' lives, but also in all important moments. This is why we seek maximum complementarity of our different store formulas and services. After all, the beating heart of our company is formed by strong food and non-food retail brands, with which we provide an answer to the needs and challenges of modern life.

Simplicity in retail

Each brand differentiates itself and provides its own authentic solutions to our customers. At the same time, they all speak the same language thanks to strong common values. As a family business, we want to be a beacon of trust in this rapidly evolving world. For our customers and our partners, who know what they can expect from us.

Onze familie van bedrijven wil het de klant graag makkelijk(er) maken.

Our brands

Consumers can go to one of our store formulas, webshops or services at every stage of their lives.

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