Attractive employer

With over 33,000 people, we work on our mission every day and make a positive difference for tomorrow by working together. And by together, we mean really together. Each colleague with his or her expertise, in teams that complement and strengthen each other. 


Together we work differently

At Colruyt we ‘Work Differently’, as a retailer but also as an employer. Our employees come first and you can certainly tell. You can fine-tune your skills thanks to our development-oriented approach and grow internally if you want. And whether you are a shop assistant, technician, analyst or marketer, you will immediately see the impact of your work and your contribution to a greater whole. 

Doing things together

Working together is second nature to us. We just love it, and preferably lots of it.

Do you have a great idea? Let’s hear it and get to work! This is how the smallest ideas create the greatest results and that is something we’re quite proud of! Do you have questions at some point? Feel free to turn to your colleagues, mentor or manager.

Growing together

Being able to grow and innovate as an organisation means that employees must be given the opportunity for continuous development. That is why we invest heavily in training. This can be an external training, or through our in-house training centre with an extensive range of training courses relating to professional and personal growth, leadership, etc.

At the same time, we realise that learning and development is an ongoing process. Trying out things on the job, testing but also sometimes making mistakes and then turning them into successes. Because you can learn from mistakes. So make them, learn from them and grow! 

Dreaming together

Colruyt Group has been a pioneer of sustainable entrepreneurship for years. The result? Numerous pioneering projects and collaborations were generated in-house. From the first commercial sea farm off the Belgian coast and our own water purification installations to our environmentally friendly liquid ice containers. In short, as a Belgian group of companies, we provide a working environment where you can really make a difference. 


At Colruyt Group we work differently. You have 1001 opportunities to grow, you get the space to be yourself and you are surrounded by great colleagues.

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