Eco-score in the spotlight

Finding the Eco-score? That's easy with the Xtra app or the price label. Time to take it one step further: our new inspiring campaign puts the Eco-score even more in the spotlight through various channels. Discover here how we help our customers to make easy eco-friendly choices.

This is how we do it ...

… on TV

... with inspiring recipes

... and in the shops!

More Eco-score

All you need to know about the Eco-score

The Eco-score makes it easier to make eco-friendly choices. At a glance you can see information about the environmental impact of a product. 

Calculating the Eco-score, how to do it

The Eco-score summarizes the environmental impact throughout the life cycle of a product. In addition, additional plus or minus points can be awarded.

A smaller impact for our products

The Eco-score helps you to consume more sustainably. And it helps us to reduce the ecological impact of our own-brand products.