You cannot get to the shop because you are ill or had an accident? Is it difficult for you to take heavy groceries home? Or do you simply not have enough time? Colruyt Group intends to offer a sustainable solution in all these situations.

Apporto is a social platform making it easier to shop groceries for others. Through this service people shopping at Colruyt, OKay, Bio-Planet or Spar Colruyt Group are brought into contact with people, like you, who want their groceries to be delivered (at home).

Apporto, the platform that brings customers together

Coordination of supply and demand

Under the motto “A pleasure to bring, a joy to receive” the Apporto shopping platform coordinates the supply and demand of registered users. On the one hand, it is about people who, for some reason, cannot get to the shop or who like their groceries to be delivered at home, at work or anywhere else. On the other hand, Apporto is a practical tool for everyone prepared to go shopping for others. The service is accessible through an app for smartphone, which can be downloaded for free in the App Store and on Google Play.

Investing in connecting people

For Colruyt Group the Apporto platform contributes to adding sustainability to social relations. Apporto is aimed at people who are already doing groceries together, and also people who don't know each other yet.

No smartphone? For people with less digital skills Apporto developed a telephone platform. One of the applications is the Samana Grocery Line in Flandres. Users pass on their grocery list by telephone to the Samana volunteers.

In a time of increasing social isolation and people keeping more to themselves, our intention is to ensure people have more social contacts


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Apporto, the platform that brings customers together.