Colruyt Group Technics

About Technics

At Colruyt Group Technics, we endeavour to achieve operational excellence by offering essential technical support and maintenance for all Colruyt Group entities. Our team of around 900 professionals is dedicated to safeguarding the efficiency and reliability of our extensive fleet of machinery and vehicles, as well as managing our technical warehouses. We are pioneers in implementing sustainable and innovative solutions aimed at improving our operational processes and making them more sustainable.

What does Colruyt Group Technics do?

  • Maintenance and Repairs:
    We are responsible for maintaining and repairing all machinery and vehicles in order to guarantee optimal functioning.
  • Technical Support:
    Our services encompass technical support, from catering to cleaning and theft prevention, aimed at ensuring seamless business operations.
  • Collaboration and Innovation:
    We work with both internal and external partners to develop and implement the best technical solutions.
  • Sustainability and Efficiency:
    By continuously innovating and focusing on sustainability, we aim to improve our environmental performance and operational efficiency.
  • Expertise and Development:
    We offer training and development opportunities to our employees to stay on the leading edge of technical expertise.

In-house vehicle and machinery management

Colruyt Group has a vehicle fleet of around 5,000 passenger cars, delivery vans and trucks that are managed and maintained entirely in-house in our garages. We always consider sustainable alternatives to traditional fuels and the potential of hydrogen, CNG and electric vehicles. 

We are also responsible for our extensive and varied array of machinery. We carry out studies and scrutinise the design and implementation of production machinery, installations and automations, not only for the various logistics distribution centres, but also the Fine Food production facilities.


Technical talent training

We also have our own Technical School, where colleagues have the option of taking a basic technical training course. On completion, they are awarded a certificate and can progress to the next step in their career.

We also often work together with various schools and universities. From company visits and internships to training materials and fun challenges, we support and organise a wide range of initiatives in order to act as a liaison between technical students and the professional field.

Technisch talent opleiden

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