Guest lectures

We have many experts in our group who are happy to explain our sustainable innovations. Check out our available themes here.

1. What is Hydrogen and how do we work with it?

Our use of hydrogen is growing rapidly at Colruyt Group Technics. One of our experts will give a presentation on hydrogen. He will explain how and where we use it and why hydrogen has an important role in our future.

2. We can only complete the circle when we engage in circular construction. And we are doing that too!

At Colruyt Group Technics, we also think it is important to pay due attention to circular construction. Curious about the opportunities to do so and how we do it?

3. Water in its purest form.

Water is becoming increasingly scarce and expensive. So, it is crucial that we use it sustainably. Ever wondered why drier periods are increasingly longer and how we deal with it?

Target audience: technical college and university.

What can you expect?

We will bring one of our experts to your college or university. Our presentation will briefly introduce you to our Colruyt Group Technics. And one of our experts will also give a presentation on their chosen theme. Time will be available afterwards for a Q&A session.

Duration ±2 hours