Inspirational sessions

At Colruyt Group Technics we constantly keep in touch with evolutions, trends and insights on the market.

One of the ways we do this is through INSPIRATIONAL sessions where experts take us through trends or evolutions in their field. We would also like to share these fascinating learning moments with you.

What exactly can you expect in practice?

A 40-minute online inspiration and learning session delivered by passionate experts. After the session, a Q&A will be held for about 10 minutes. You can register as a class group or individually.

For whom? 3rd grade of secondary school, higher education and university students interested in technology.

Review the following themes we have already touched on:

These videos are only available in Dutch.


 Solar energy & solar cars

What is photonics?

Hydrogen, that's something to think about

We close the circle when we build circular!


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