Collibri Foundation

Collibri Foundation is a Colruyt Group initiative with a clear mission: to offer young people in difficult situations more opportunities for a successful future, both in Belgium and abroad. We want young people from across the globe to connect with each other by exchanging ideas and cultures.

Our mission

Colruyt Group attaches great importance to social engagement and entrepreneurship. To make young people more independent, broaden their horizons and increase their knowledge, Collibri Foundation supports various training projects.

Collibri Foundation operates both in Belgium and in regions in economic development, where our training projects are usually accompanied by the development of sustainable production chains. We then offer the products from the chain projects through our own brands, including Boni Selection, in the Colruyt Group stores.

Om jongeren zelfstandiger te maken, hun blik te verruimen én hun kennis te vergroten ondersteunt Collibri Foundation verschillende vormingsprojecten.

Last year, we reached more than 10,480 young people through 18 projects in Belgium and abroad (11 countries). 

Focus on education

Our mission can be summarised in three key words:

  • Educate: we want to offer quality education to young people.
  • Develop: we help them grow as a person, by strengthening their talents and skills.
  • Empower: we stimulate their sense of initiative and entrepreneurship.

Projects for vulnerable young people

Collibri Foundation organises various projects abroad, but as a Belgian retailer we also keep an eye on Belgium. At home, there are also young people who could use some extra support. That is why we decided to invest in training projects for young people in Belgium from 2014 onwards. Some of the organisations we support are Capital vzw, Debateville, Mentor-Escale and YOUCA.

Make a donation... and invest in the future

Give young people in difficult contexts a boost. Three good reasons:

  1. Colruyt Group doubles all private donations.
  2. Your donation goes 100% to the training projects for young people.
  3. Donations from €40 entitle you to a 45% tax reduction

Together we provide training, guidance and exchanges of young people in Belgium and abroad. This is how we contribute together to a better environment, step by step.