Save points with Xtra and do what’s good for the environment

Want to give the environment a helping hand? You can make your contribution while shopping. By choosing a product with Eco-score A or B in the store, you save points in your Xtra app. When you have 100 points you can support an environmental project or follow a sustainable workshop at Colruyt Group Academy.

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With this initiative, we want to give you the chance to make an extra, tangible impact with the Eco-score. It allows you to make an eco-conscious choice, while also supporting an ecological project. This way, you do good for the environment twice. Together, we contribute to a more sustainable world, step by step.

How can you save points?

It’s easy.

  1. Choose products with Eco-score A and B when shopping at Colruyt, OKay, Spar, Bio-Planet or Collect&Go.
  2. Make sure your Xtra QR code is scanned at the checkout.
  3. Your points will automatically appear in the app.

Don't have the Xtra app yet? Download it now:

You earn 2 points for every Eco-score A, 1 for every Eco-score B.
Vier Boni- of Boni Bio-producten met Eco-score A of B. Tekst op beeld: kies Eco-score A & B. En scoor punten bij het milieu.

How can you use your points for the environment?

With your points, you can support an environmental project. Once you have collected 100 points, you can:

  • plant a tree
  • sow 1 m² of flower meadow
  • create a 1 m² patch of nature

Or do you prefer to learn about sustainable living? You can also use 100 points to attend a workshop at Colruyt Group Academy (workshops in Dutch and French) on sustainability, for example:

  • ‘Create a garden full of life’
  • ‘Debunking packaging myths’
  • ‘Greener on the road’
  • ...
How you divide your points is entirely up to you. Easy in the Xtra app.

Which environmental projects can you support?

Want to know exactly what your points will be used for? Discover the projects we are supporting together to make a concrete impact here.

1. BeeOdiversity: creating plant biodiversity

Plants are important for pollinators, birds and other species. They are in fact an essential part of the local ecosystem and agriculture. BeeOdiversity uses pollen analysis to monitor which places in a municipality have the most potential to do better. There they plant meadow flowers, hedges, trees or small forests in public spaces.

Bee on a purple flower
Bee on a flower Photos: Stéfanne Prijot and Dieter Telemans - GoodPlanet Belgium

2. GoodPlanet: a flower heart for bees

84% of European agricultural crops depend on pollinating insects. That is why GoodPlanet creates biotopes with the right food for bees and other pollinators. Specifically? Small heart-shaped flower meadows: not only a beautiful symbol, scientifically proven to be the shape with the most attractive nooks and crannies for the greatest variety of pollinators.

3. GoodPlanet: Tiny Forests® for schools and neighbourhoods

A Tiny Forest is a dense native forest the size of a tennis court. The groves not only increase biodiversity in urban environments, but also provide coolness, better air quality, and they retain more rainwater. Insects, birds and other animals feel at home straight away. GoodPlanet works with local residents and schoolchildren to plant Tiny Forests.

Youth planting trees for a Tiny Forest Photos: Stéfanne Prijot and Dieter Telemans - GoodPlanet Belgium
Kinderen planten boompjes

4. Bûûmplanters: planting trees in and around Brussels

Supporting organisations from the social, cultural and educational sectors to plant trees, shrubs or plants wherever they can. That is the mission envisioned by Bûûmplanters. They give advice and work with volunteers on location to plant native climbing plants, (fruit) bushes and (fruit) trees.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • At all Colruyt, OKay, Spar and Bio-Planet stores. Even if you shop online via Collect&Go, you can save points by selecting products with Eco-score A and B. The points automatically appear in your Xtra app.

  • For each product with Eco-score A, you receive two points, for Eco-score B one point. If, for example, you buy the same product with Eco-score A three times, you collect six points.

  • LP_image_smartphone-honing-scan.jpg

    You can find the Eco-score on the packaging of many of our private label food products. You can also consult the Eco-score for a particular product in the Xtra app via Product info.

  • In your Xtra app, under Profile > Save points, you can see how many points you have collected and used so far. To redeem your points, select a project or workshop and choose how many points you want to assign. You can see the total number of points used for a certain initiative, together with its impact (e.g. number of trees planted, flower meadows created ...).

    We work with brackets of 100 points. With 100 points you can plant 1 tree, sow 1 m² of flower meadow, create 1 m² of habitat for black storks or attend 1 sustainability workshop. You choose how to divide your points. If you have 200 points, for example, you can sow 2 m² of flower meadow, or you can sow 1 m² of flower meadow and create 1 m² of habitat for black storks. You can make any combinations, it’s up to you.

  • Yes, your points are valid for one year. E.g. points earned in the month of November 2022 can be used until 30 November 2023, and expire on 1 December 2023.

  • No, that is not an option for now, but we may add that option in the future.

  • Yes. Based on a thorough process, we have selected partners who we will work with closely for this initiative. We have clear agreements on the intended impact and on reporting the project's progress. We will also share this information consistently and transparently through our communication channels.

    So stay tuned via our website, social media or in the Xtra app. Information about the projects is also available through our partners.

  • You automatically earn points when you buy products with Eco-score A and B and when the Xtra QR code on your card or in your app is scanned.

    Only in the Xtra app can you see how many points you have and use them. Don't have the app yet? Download it in the App Store or the Play Store.

  • At Colruyt Group, we remain committed to a more sustainable world, with more attention to health, society, animal welfare and the environment. We make our offer more sustainable and continuously support small and large initiatives through which we can have a positive impact.

    Together with you, we can make that impact even bigger. We would like to help you make more conscious choices. Eating with a lower ecological footprint? The Eco-score helps you on your way.

    Now we want to offer you extra motivation to choose products with Eco-score A and B. You can earn points to support an ecological project, and which reward you for your eco-conscious choice.

    At Colruyt Group, making conscious choices is not just about saving points. It's mainly about scoring points.

  • The Eco-score summarises the full environmental impact of a product. The label helps you make more conscious choices to minimise your ecological footprint. Want to know how life cycle analysis and bonus-malus together make up the Eco-score?

    Find out how we calculate the Eco-score.