Colex (Colruyt Export) was founded in 1985 and is the export department of Colruyt Group, the largest Belgian retailer. We supply about 4,500 product references to retailers and distributors worldwide, with a special focus on the African continent. We strongly believe in long-term partnerships with our customers and are happy to share our expertise in retail and distribution with your company, so that we can grow together.

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Why choose Colex?

Our slogan is ‘Bringing quality products to the world’. This means that we make every endeavour to provide you, the customer, with an excellent, professional service. To accomplish this, we rely on four strong pillars.

Magazijn van Colex

1. End-to-end export service

Colex offers a full service. We handle the export and import documents, transport the goods to the port of your choice and arrange the container planning (including mixed containers).

2. Strong private labels

Boni Selection and Everyday are high-quality brands, exclusively distributed by Colex. You will also find the other well-known Colruyt Group brands in our range.

3. Support from our marketing department

Our in-house marketing department can provide support for marketing materials and go-to-market advice. Moreover, you will have access to Colruyt Group's broad knowledge and experience when it comes to retail and distribution.

4. A dedicated sales team

We fully believe in active cooperation, in which we help build your business. As a Colex customer, you work with a dedicated sales team that is responsible for your business.

Our services for retailers, importers and distributors

  • We deliver around 4,500 items worldwide, with a particular focus on our private labels (Boni Selection, Everyday, Culino, Graindor and Marie Galante).
  • We take care of the management of all export documents and administrative procedures.
  • We make the deliveries by multimodal transport (by sea, air and land) and fill the containers in the way you prefer (one product per pallet or several products per pallet).

A few figures

Founded in 1985

130 active clients, 4,500 references


+ 32 (0)2 363 55 45

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