Stores acquired by Colruyt Group are often first temporarily operated under the name 'Comarkt' until they are converted into one of the group's permanent store formats. At Comarkt - or 'Comarché' in French-speaking Belgium -, you can do your shopping at competitive prices, with a host of interesting promos on top.

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Economical shopping

At Comarkt, you will always find a wide range of quality products: from a quick pizza or easy frozen chips to quality bread, fresh vegetables, juicy fruit and everything you need to cook delicious meals. Plenty of options and all at competitive prices! Moreover, with the acquisition of more than 50 supermarkets in spring 2024, you will increasingly see Comarkt popping up. 

Parking Comarkt Humbeek
Boni, het huismerk van Colruyt Group

All the advantages of Colruyt Group

Although these supermarkets are only temporarily opening under the 'Comarkt' name, you will enjoy all the Colruyt Group benefits. They’re perfect for budget-friendly daily shopping and, with Xtra, you will automatically enjoy all the promos and discounts of the moment too. On top of that, our house brands Everyday and Boni are well-represented on the shelves: affordable quality for every day!

Some figures

Approx. 40 stores in Belgium


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