Graindor is our private label for quality coffee. With beans from all over the world, roasted in our own roasting plant. Today, we’re the only Belgian distributor that roasts its own coffee. This way, we keep full control over the coffee roasting, the quality and the flavour. And we pay close attention to more sustainable cultivation for our Graindor coffee.

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The art of coffee roasting

Today, Colruyt Group is the only Belgian distributor that still roasts its own coffee. And we have been doing so for 80 years. Thus, our master coffee roaster Kris and his team are building on a long tradition.

In our own coffee-roasting plant in Ghislenghien (Hainaut), specialists have full control over the production process, the quality and the flavour. 


Coffee from all over the world

In addition to tasty classics such as dessert and mocha, Graindor also offers a wide range of pure origin coffees from Guatemala, Ethiopia, Brazil, etc. These are 100% Arabica coffees that reflect the unique character of a particular coffee region. 

A world of difference

Because we roast our own coffees, we can produce our own distinctive blends with a unique taste. No two coffees taste the same. Each coffee bean is a treasure chest of aromas, which are released during roasting. The lighter the roast, the softer the taste. The darker the bean, the more intense the coffee. We indicate the flavour profile and the degree of roast on the packaging of all our coffees. So you can easily find the coffee of your taste!

Melk inschenken in koffie

Sustainable coffee

When we buy beans for our Graindor coffees, we look for coffee crops that respect the environment and raise the living standard of the coffee farmers. All our Graindor coffees are sustainable. This means that all those coffees carry a certificate, such as Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance Certificates, which guarantee that the coffee farmers enjoy good working conditions and that they respect the ecosystems and biodiversity. 

For some of our coffees, such as our Kivu coffee, we are working on building a better supply chain. Together with the coffee farmers, we work on establishing an efficient and sustainable production chain, from field to store, so that every link in the chain benefits. This makes your cup of coffee taste even better!

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