Litter. Avoid, tidy up and sensitise

Colruyt Group is strongly focused on changing people's  behaviour to avoid litter. We base this on four pillars. This includes investing in infrastructure, educational projects for schoolchildren and awareness campaigns for our workers and customers.

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Published on 31/07/2023

Our litter strategy in 4 pillars

Colruyt Group takes up its social responsibility concerning litter with initiatives that launch a positive movement.   We base this on four pillars:

  • Infrastructure
  • Raising awareness
  • Participation
  • A clean environment

    To work out our strategy efficiently, we develop long-term plans. For the development and coordination of the litter campaigns, we appointed a full-time project manager in our internal environmental department.

How do we deal with litter specifically?

Investing in litter infrastructure in our office and store sites

We have placed waste islands on all support services sites and on every car park of our Colruyt and Okay stores. This infrastructure is organised to correctly sort waste. This ensures an environment that is cleaner for all our workers, partners and customers.

Awareness and participation through internal and external campaigns

We aim to prevent litter by changing behaviour, in particular by promoting the good habit of not leaving litter behind carelessly. 

Through The Litter Challenge  initiative in cooperation with non-profit organisation GoodPlanet - we encourage this change in behaviour among students in the second and third grade via two levers.

  • First, we give them an insight into the litter problem and in the psychological processes that influence our behaviour.
  • We then asks the youngsters to think of a specific litter campaign which applies the psychological techniques they learned.

We choose the best ideas and look for a way to develop them together with the students.

Participation: voluntary clean-up campaigns of our workers

Our store and support services workers take part in several clean-up campaigns every year. They collect street litter in both their working and living environment. These litter campaigns offer several solutions:

  • The litter problem is dealt with by cleaning up
  • We set a good example
  • Through this participation, our employees share their enthusiasm. In this way, they act as ambassadors

Clean environment

The bar is high to keep our own store sites clean. A clean environment motivates others not to litter..

200 workers collected 1500 kg of litter on our own sites this year 200 workers collected 1500 kg of litter on our own sites this year
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