Collibri Foundation

As a retailer, Colruyt Group buys products internationally, also from regions in economic development. The manufacturers of these regions do not always have the necessary means or lack the knowledge and training opportunities. For this reason, ever since 2002, Colruyt Group reinvests part of its revenue in these regions in small-scale education and training programmes for young people via Collibri Foundation.

Young people shape the future

It is a way to offer them opportunities and options to build their own and their country's future. Via Collibri Foundation, we want to:

  • offer young people a good education
  • help them grow as a person
  • stimulate them in their sense of initiative, cooperation and entrepreneurship

​Our five pillars

Today, we distinguish five important pillars within our organisation. Education remains the engine.

  1. Education in developing countries, from primary school to higher education.
  2. Education in Belgium. We mainly focus on young people with a difficult socio-economic background.
  3. Connect young people by means of exchange initiatives.
  4. Consciously involve co-workers, customers and partners by means of ambassadorship and campaigns.
  5. A transparent organisation, among other things thanks to our cooperation with the King Baudouin Foundation.

Educate, Develop, Empower


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Educate. Develop. Empower.