For more than eighty years, Colruyt Group has been roasting their own coffee, offering their customers fantastic quality coffee in different flavours.

Pure tradition 

Franz Colruyt started roasting coffee as far back as 1937, in Halle. We have continued the tradition in modern times. Because of that, we have been able to acquire and pass on quite a bit of expertise. In 2007, we outgrew the roasting house in Halle and we moved to a brand new facility in Ghislenghien. There, our coffee roasting company roasts, mixes, and packages more than fifty types of coffee with various flavours and packaging. Our long tradition and expertise ensures that your coffee always tastes great. 

Did you know that Colruyt Group is the only Belgian retailer that roasts its own coffee?



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Available at Colruyt Laagste Prijzen, OKay, Solucious

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