DATS 24 has represented clever refuelling since 1972. Colruyt Group’s fuel specialist stands out for its ecological and sustainable policy. To this end, 70% of its service stations are located next to Colruyt Group stores. Customers can shop and refuel in the same place and thus save time and mileage.

An engaged company 

Like parent company Colruyt Group, DATS 24 chooses the green path. All stations are maintained environmentally friendly. With economical LED lighting, reuse of rainwater and waterproof floor covering ... At DATS 24, durability, quality and safety always go hand in hand. We also attach great importance to corporate social responsibility. Smart tips, workshops on alternative vehicles, work together with XIU/JTVOI for more visibility in traffic etc.

Clever refuelling, that's also choosing a greener car that fits your mobility profile

CNG, electricity and hydrogen, a sustainable investment

DATS 24 is the leading fuel supplier in Belgium for natural gas for vehicles. It also pioneers with green hydrogen. 72 filling stations are equipped with a CNG pump. In one station, customers can fill up on hydroge too and recharge their electric car extra fast. DATS 24 also has electric charging posts at 86 Colruyt Group store sites. The fuel supplier wants to make these alternatives available for everyone.

DATS 24 launches refuelling using your smartphone in Belgium

DATS 24 was the first in Belgium to launch the option of refuelling using your smartphone, with the Xtra app.  This way, it honoured its history as a pioneer. The app focuses on a smooth and pleasant customer experience.


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129 service stations, of which 72 CNG stations; 86 charging stations (September 17, 2019)

Clever refuelling