Investing in green energy

Colruyt Group invests heavily in green energy. We only use electricity from renewable sources such as wind and sun, thus avoiding a lot of greenhouse gas emissions. We generate all our green power ourselves, with our own installations and through participations in various energy companies.

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Updated on 26/07/2023

What is green energy?

Green energy is energy that comes from renewable energy sources such as wind, water or sun. These energy sources are infinitely available and air pollution or CO₂ emissions are kept to a minimum to generate energy. This is why the choice for green energy is a good way to actively fight global warming and take care of the environment.

Since 2010: green power

All Colruyt Group sites and activities in Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Hong Kong run on almost 100% green power. In Belgium this has been the case since 2010 in fact. And the green power we use is 100% self-generated. On the one hand, we produce electricity with solar installations and wind turbines at our store and logistics sites. On the other hand, we buy power from wind farms, co-owned by Colruyt Group. By investing further in renewable energy, our aim is that by 2030 at least 60% of all the energy we use is generated by renewable sources.

Wind turbine at logistics site Dassenveld. We produce electricity with solar installations and wind turbines on our store and logistics sites
99 %

consumption of electricity from renewable sources in 2022

45.8 %

total energy consumption (electricity, natural gas, diesel, fuel oil and gasoline) from renewable sources in 2022

Locally produced green power

We generate our own electricity at many of our sites, for example using solar panels on the stores or wind turbines next to logistics centres. This power is used (mostly) directly on site. Any surpluses are put on the public grid, for which we receive Guarantees of Origin. Annually, the locally produced power covers approximately half of our total power needs.

Mounting solar panels on store roof. Power generated with solar panels on our stores and logistics sites is used on site

Green power with Guarantees of Origin (GOs)

We cover the other half of our power needs with green power produced offshore, using Guarantees of Origin, or GOs in short. These certificates prove that the energy was effectively generated by renewable sources. We buy them from the Belgian offshore wind farm Nobelwind. As a shareholder of Virya Energy, we participate in other wind farms.

Wind turbine Eoly As a shareholder of Virya Energy, we participate in other wind farms.

Toward ‘greener’ green power

CO2 emissions from electricity generation using solar panels and wind turbines are almost zero. Nevertheless, we are committed to making even more progress by making the production, transport, construction and recycling of wind turbines and solar panels carbon-free. However, the CO2 emissions avoided from these installations are many times greater than the emissions associated with their production and installation.

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