DATS 24 is the energy and fuel supplier of Virya Energy, Colruyt Group's energy holding company. We want to provide energy for everyone on the road, at home and at work. We do this with a broad, accessible network and a sustainable vision of the future. 

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Broad network, broad range

Sustainability is in our DNA. Together with Colruyt Group, we have been setting the bar high for the environment and sustainable entrepreneurship for 50 years. As a fuel specialist, we were the first to introduce CNG for private individuals in Belgium, we promoted hydrogen ... and in 2020 we became Colruyt Group's energy supplier.

You can fill up with CNG at 92 of our 145 filling stations, we are launching the first public hydrogen stations and we are installing plenty of (fast) charging points. In addition, AdBlue, the diesel car additive, is also available at 85 of our pumps. 

Our energy offer, consisting of natural gas and 100% green electricity, is available to all families and companies in Flanders and Wallonia. 

Energy for the road, at home and at work

Always nice and close

Our wide network of filling stations and charging points can be found along major connecting roads and Colruyt Group stores. Maintenance and renovations at our sites are always aimed at increasing the sustainability. Eight years in a row now, we have been granted the prized ISO 14001 certificate due to our efforts in this area. For example, we use rainwater for cleaning and our stations are equipped with dimmable LED lighting.

Simply obvious

In addition to sustainability, we also attach great importance to expertise and customer satisfaction. At our stations you can fill up and charge safely, easily and always at low prices. You also want an energy contract with us? We offer a transparent price formula and you pay the same price as everyone else.

In addition, companies and self-employed persons can rely on customised mobility and energy solutions, including charge cards, fuel cards and favourable energy products. 

Wondering how we can assist you on the road, at home and at work? Visit dats24.be now.

A few figures

Founded in 1972

145 filling stations, including 92 with CNG
208 stores with charging posts
on 31 March 2023


+32 (0)2 363 51 52

Reachable every day
Monday to Saturday: 8 am to 7 pm
Sunday and holidays: 10 am to 7 pm

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