Driving with natural gas: cleaner and cheaper

Natural gas is part of our daily lives. We cook with it and use it to heat our houses. And if it was up to us, we’d also drive extensively using CNG (compressed natural gas). At Colruyt Group and DATS 24, we have long been convinced about the compressed form of natural gas that everyone knows. Do you know all the advantages of CNG?

Better for the environment and your wallet

If you choose CNG, your car will emit significantly less CO2, nitrogen oxide and fewer particulates. And no soot, petrol or carcinogens! And on top of all that, CNG is also good for your wallet, because CNG cars are cheaper to fill and consume less than petrol or diesel cars. And in Flanders, you pay no circulation tax (BIV) and no annual road tax until 2020. So with CNG, you kill a lot of birds with one stone!

If you are looking for a car that consumes less and links environmental advantages to affordability and deployability, your best choice today is a car that runs on natural gas.


Filling up with CNG
Filling up with CNG is very simple.

DATS 24 and Colruyt Group: leading the way in Belgium

CNG has been used as a motor fuel for far longer in our neighbouring countries than here. With encouragement from DATS 24 and Colruyt Group, Belgium is catching up. In 2011, DATS 24 opened its first CNG fuel station. By the middle of 2017, there are 50. Partly due to these efforts, Belgium’s fleet of CNG vehicles has more than doubled, from 2,600 to 5,400.


You can already fill up with CNG at more than fifty DATS 24 fuel stations.

CNG: a small step towards hydrogen

Did you know that over a quarter of our company vehicles already use alternative energy? The majority of these are CNG vehicles: over 1,000 passenger cars, about 100 commercial vehicles and 1 truck. Most of our replacement vehicles also use CNG.

In 2016, the Belgian fleet doubled to 5,400 CNG vehicles

Despite its many benefits, we don’t see CNG as the final destination. In the long term, we see more opportunities in hydrogen as a clean fuel, once the technology is fully developed and the market is ready.

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Over 1,000 of our passenger cars already use CNG.

With this initiative, we contribute to the following Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

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